Parents say...

Members say...

In EPIC, our son Brandon has discovered a group of like-minded, kind and considerate peers with which to share his enthusiasm and learn to explore the interests of others. The care and attention the kids model for one another here will help to make their future much brighter.
— Kelvin
Kim and Kaary understand the challenges our kids face every day. EPIC is a gathering of friends who respect and accept each other for who they are and not what others believe they should be. The program sets a high standard.
— Ed
Kind leaders, fun activities, great friends!
— Steve
Brodie has found acceptance, friendship, normalcy, and FUN! It’s the one place he doesn’t have to try to fit in, therefore he can be himself without stress or anxiety.
— Laurie
There is unconditional acceptance here.
— Cheryl
Friendship and the fun make EPIC the highlight of Fenton’s week. Thanks so much!
— Laura
It’s about friendship and freedom to be yourself.
— Olivia
Most of my days are regular days... Because I go to EPIC, Wednesdays are AWESOME days!
— Fenton
“I don’t ever want to miss a night at EPIC!”
— Morgan
To me, it’s the ideal community.
— Bailey
Spontaneous combustion!
— Kyle